Saturday, January 1, 2011

Weight loss success stories

This is the first part of the new series of "Weight loss success stories" was presented in weight loss and help.

When it comes to weight loss I have tried almost everything in recent years. All types of pills diet for packaged; meal plans I bought almost everything. Not to mention the countless hours of searching the Internet quick ways to lose weight. At that time seemed as never nothing would melt the pounds off. That until they found the truth about the loss of weight (balanced diet and regular exercise). Within a few months to deal with in what they eat and exercise on a regular basis, I started to notice pounds were actually coming out.

When I was younger seemed as I was able to eat everything you wanted and I would never gain a pound. Not exactly was constantly on the go to burn those calories in excess, but being younger than my metabolism was high and I had no problem maintaining relatively active. However, once I started to beat up my 30s everything began to change. I slowly realized my pants were starting to get a little more strict. Like most people, ignored and let the pounds sneak in me. After awhile he began to get a little embarrassing that in public with no shirt sobre. This can really put a damper on the weekend at the beach.

Finally after a few years I had had enough and decided that he would finally get rid of the weight. I joined a gym and began to spend a couple of times a week on a regular basis. At first it felt good be exercising and feel a burst of energy that lasted until the week. However, several weeks of going to the gym and hard hitting was still not seeing the results you wanted. Therefore, I knew it was time to take additional measures.

I have never been a real healthy dining, so I made a concerted effort to try to change my diet. I have begun to incorporate some meals low content of fat in a couple of times a week at my regular diet. However, the truth is that I am not that devoted a person. I really like to eat and I felt that he was really limiting myself. In addition, the thrill of going to the gym and make a lifestyle change was starting to take. It was gradually transformed into a real job for me to get to the gym to develop.

Given that traditional methods were not working I decided to start trying to diet pills. Most of these pills just made my stomach feel discomfort while they gave me some energy extra throughout the day. Along with the pills I started buying expensive meal plans. However, the majority of these meal plans do not provide enough calories for an adult male. I want to cheat in between meals and pigs unhealthy snacks that only exacerbated the problem.

Therefore, this was my endless cycle until I finally realized that weight loss has only one path. They have tried me everything else, so I thought why not try too. The real solution to weight loss is not pills or costly gym memberships or expensive exercise equipment. All you need is motivation; long-term commitment, patience, care but not strict diet and being physically active a live. A life that is maintenance of the real far exaggerations is the recipe for success. No need to deprive yourself or spend endless hours in the gym to lose weight. Try to keep a balance in what you eat and what you do and the results will come.

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