Monday, December 20, 2010

Lose Those Last 10 Pounds: The 28-Day Foolproof Plan to a Healthy Body

Lose Those Last 10 Pounds: The 28-Day Foolproof Plan to a Healthy BodyIf positive thinking alone could strip weight off people, anyone reading this latest tome from the perpetually perky Denise Austin would be thin. Good vibes leap from the page, whether she's describing her own attitude toward life ("Happiness is a choice that is available to anyone") or simply introducing exercise information ("Burn the Fat!" "Build the Muscle!" "Get Flexible!").

Austin says that she gets more requests for advice on losing the final 10 pounds than on any other subject, and in response she's created a very solid combination of "eat less" and "exercise more," the twin pillars of any scientifically sound weight-loss prescription. Austin jazzes it up with some yoga- and Pilates-based exercises, an exhortation to move more throughout the day (she calls it "Fidget-cize"), and a "Mind-Body-Spirit" routine that serves as a cooldown for her three-times-a-week cardiovascular workouts.

Her meal plan is 1,500 calories a day, and includes weekly shopping lists, followed by easy-to-prepare meals that range from a peanut-butter sandwich to more gourmet fare like lemon herb-roasted chicken thighs. Sprinkled in with the meal plans are daily exercise tips ("Do tummy tucks while you sit in your car"), and a bit of philosophy from the school of thought she calls Denisiology ("A smile, a compliment, one kind sentence--those little things can make a person's day.").

The biggest strength of Austin's plan is that it combines good science with good variety; those who try it won't get bored with the food or the exercises. As for that always-upbeat tone, well, it seems to work well enough for Austin. --Lou Schuler

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