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Weight loss diet tips for men and women of all ages

"I'm on a diet!" This is what we usually hear from people who want to lose weight. But what diet is effective for losing weight? Starvation diet is definitely a no! Not! Our body needs food for energy, so we can make our daily activities. Nutrients we get food, including carbohydrates and fats are important in the maintenance of physiological function of the body. However, these nutrients be bad for the body when taken in excess. Nutrients, if not converted into energy is stored in the body as fat deposits, the occurrence of the undesirable belly fat and love handles. A balanced diet that includes all these nutrients like protein, calcium, vitamins and minerals shall be provided with the body of the food we eat. This article shares some weight loss diet tips for men and women of all ages

The role of fat in a weight loss diet

Fats are a nutrient essential food because they provide twice the amount of energy as carbohydrates and proteins, and help in the protection of organs and tissues and maintain body temperature.

Fat = 9 calories

Carbohydrate = 4 calories

Protein = 4 calories

Caution: Too much fat can be very harmful for the body. Excess fat not only form lumps in your body, but also could clog the arteries of the heart causing a heart attack or myocardial infarction.

What is a diet low in fat?

Low - FAT diet has been promoted by the Health Department since the late 1970s. But what diet low in fat really mean?

There are basically three types of FAT: saturated fat is Bad fat because it increases the level of cholesterol in the blood, fat polyunsaturated The that lowers the level of cholesterol in the blood and monounsaturated fat reduces the density lipoprotein cholesterol-under, or "bad cholesterol" (LDL).

Low-fat diet means: reduce consumption of foods containing saturated fats while increasing the consumption of foods containing polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats. Foods such as meat and dairy products, butter and tropical oils such as coconut oil and Palm most oil should be avoided because they are high in saturated fats. Polyunsaturated fat normally found in plant foods such as corn, soybean, safflower and sunflower sources. Monounsaturated fat food sources includes oil olive, peanut oil, canola oil and some fruits like avocado.

Are carbs good or bad?

Carbohydrate provides energy in real-time on the body and must account take 50-60% of the total calories in every day. However, with sedentary lifestyle, calories you supposed carbohydrates should be converted to energy in time real are stored as fat deposits therefore increase weight.

Diets low - char are among the most popular weight loss diets. There are many variants such as:

Anabolic alternating periods of food high in carbohydrates and low in carbohydrate diet

Carbohydrate addicts serving 2 foods with carbohydrates and 1 1/3 day carbohydrate meal

That completely eliminates the hydrates of carbon and compensates for the necessity of calories with high fat and moderate protein intake ketogenic diet.

But by definition, be less than 50-60% of the proportion of carbohydrate in a serving is the low carbohydrate diet. If your goal is to maintain the current moderate carbohydrates take weight, which is around 40-50% carbohydrate in the diet. And if you want to lose weight, can go with diet low in carbohydrates containing carbohydrate 25 - 39%.Below this is not really recommended could cause disorders such as ketosis, presence of ketone bodies in the blood. Very high-level ketone can make the blood acid and can damage organs like the liver and kidneys.

Some weight loss diet tips that can help you eat healthier are:

Instead eat ice cream, has a yogurt low-fat or nonfat sherbet.Use (fat - free milk) instead of entire milk.Instead eat milk pasta alfredo (white sauce paste) eat pasta marinara (red sauce paste) can substitute ham.Since lean Bacon, American Heart Association recommends avoiding coconut oil because it contains 85-90% of fat saturated, use olive oil or canola when cooking food.Chocoholics oil can eat dark chocolate that is rich in antioxidant instead of a filet of beef chocolate.Use instead of white bread brisketInstead milk to eat as breadSnack Peaches wheat whole grain bread (calories 61 / pc.), blackberries (62 calories / serving) and sticks (52 calories/Cup) carrots instead of fried chips.

It is overweight or obesity not only puts a person at risk of developing diseases such as diabetes, cancer, osteoarthritis, respiratory diseases, cardiovascular diseases, but could also affect the emotional and social life. People with overweight and obesity could suffer from low self-esteem, depression and deterioration of body image. As a result, more and more people are becoming aware of its weight. Losing weight is a challenge; It must be genuinely committed as lifestyle changes should be made.

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