Thursday, January 28, 2010

Day 3 – at the gym

Well you may have noticed that all the post were added on the same day. That is because I have been keeping a journal, and decided to make it a blog.

So my daughter and I have been working at the gym for only 3 days now. I'm really sore after doing weights yesterday. I think that I will sign up to continue them, it really gave me a challenge that the circuit does not.

I'm really sore.

Although my husband has been laughing at me saying AWOW... all the time he is very proud of me and our daughter.

Yesterday after we finished our workout, I went to get my stuff and turned around and she was going around the circuit again. This girl has got energy.... If I could only have 1/4 of that life would be happenin.

Anyway it was getting late so I told her that we would do it tommorrow.

What was I thinking.....

Today I worked out at the gym, trying to stick with my routine, in case my daughter decides that she wants a break, then I still got my workout in. Well I'm hopping that she forgot about going around twice today.

I will find out when I pick her up from school.

The soreness is getting better, today I did more stretching and I think that that is helping.

The lady at the gym gave me a website to go to to check my food side of things. It is a good website, lots of information....

I signed up and plan to use if lots... the best part is that is it free... yes you heard me right, it is FREE.

First it asks you lots of questions to set up your personal website. Then you can track food, workouts, and even plan your meals with a grocery shopping list. Now I am just learning about it, so I will tell more as I know, but if you want you can check it out.

The site is I would recommend it to everyone who wants to make a change.

well I have to go get the girls, talk to you later.


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