Thursday, January 28, 2010

Day 7

Seems so long ago that we started this and it has only been 1 week…. Now we are members of a gym. Now I know that this is a lot of people’s new years resolution to lose weight, which makes a really good time to join a gym, they are having specials right now…but this is one we intend to make a lasting change in our lives.

And those others in our family who could use extra movement in their lives, hopefully we will inspire them as well.

Well I went to the weight training class, and no one else showed up, so it was like a private lesson, and she kicked my but….

You know on the biggest loser how when they want to stop and Jullian and Bob are there to yell at them, well I have a new deep understanding into how they feel.

Although the lady that I was working with did not yell at me, she would not let me just quit. At home I can choose when I want to be done, or when to take a break. Not at the gym you have to finish the routine.

And it gets hard, but you push through it and then you do it again, and it is the best feeling. Not only that but the second and third time you have to do it, you do it better and better.

It still hurts but with the encouragement you get it done without quitting. It was great, she kicked my but, but I thank her for that….

I will let you know how the workout tonight with my daughter goes.

Going to this gym is going to be real good for us. And we are going to reach our goals.

OOOOH I almost forgot the most depressing part. She weighed me and took my body fat with BMI.

Here it goes, drum roll……

my weight is 227 pounds, my body fat is 47.2% (should be at or below 30%) and my BMI is 35.6 (should be between 18 – 24%).

Well today that was depressing but it is not going to stay there for very long.

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