Thursday, January 28, 2010


We are trying different workout videos. Today we did Turbo Jam, and it was a good workout. We have decided that it was good but it was missing something.

In addition to working out, we are choosing to eat a little bit better. My daughter asked my about what would be the best choice from her school menu, and it was exciting to see her come home and be excited that she actually followed through and chose that.

She was very proud of herself as I was as well.

Together we have been choosing salad, putting the dressing on it double portions. So we are working on that. Eating salad is an improvement. I just need (want) more dressing than 1 tbl.

Right now it does not seem like enough.

But baby steps will produce results. Losing 1 lb. at a time, we are going to make our goal a reality.

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