Thursday, January 28, 2010

Monday Jan. 25th - 7th day at Gym

Well today is the official weigh in date. I am very nervous and anxious to see how i have been doing.

With some things in the past no matter how much I did, or how well I watched what I ate, it was never enough to make changes, and so I gave up and the whole thing.

Which is why I am here again, with an even bigger battle to fight now.

well I got on the scale and to my suprise I had lost 5 pounds. WOW!!! Not as much as they lose on the Biggest Loser, but I will take it. They also have a lot more road to travel down.

well that got me encouraged. I have decided that I will commit to at least 3 months of working out twice a day to see if I get faster results.

well as my journey continues I hope you will follow me.

thanks for stopping by....


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