Thursday, January 28, 2010

Day 3

Today was slow moving…. Not real motivated. Kind of depressing since we just started, but we are not giving up.

Today we walked up 1/3 the way up Badger Mountain. If you live around here, you know that that is the hardest part of the mountain. We wanted to walk further but our legs and feet could not do any more.

We went down and told ourselves that each time we walk up the mountain that we will walk a little bit more. And eventually we will make it all the way up and enjoy the view.

Today I went grocery shopping, got mostly fruit and vegetables, and you guessed it more salad. Salads are starting to be a craving now. Eating fresh fruit actually tastes good after awhile. WOW who ever knew.

This does get easier as the days go by…

I have started that I am having sweets craving. You may be saying I could never do that because my sweet craving is too high. Well let me tell you for me to go without, or even refuse sweet of anything is impossible.

If it is here I will eat it and probably eat all of it.

So to help me with my craving, I took the advice of biggest loser about the extra sugar free gum, and how chewing it can and will reduce craving. Well I did not believe it, because my craving are some overwhelming at times that I feel like if I don’t get it I will die.

Well I bought two packs of the gum, and every time I have a craving or I THINK that I need to eat, even though I just ate 2 minutes ago, I put a piece of gum in my mouth, and try to think about something else, or go for a walk.

IT WORKS>>>>>>

My disbelieve is gone. Since I have had the gum, I have not had any sweets. The gum does it’s job. The flavor only lasts about as long as the craving. So when it is time to get rid of the gum, the craving is gone. I love this gum. I will not go out with out this back up in my purse.

Their has been some changes is feeling and aches and pains. I forgot to tell you that since I gained all this weight my knee has been really hurting me. I can’t bend it without pain, and if I’m leaning on it, it is very painful.

Well that is getting better. I thought that I would have to go slow, or that it would slow me down, but it hasn’t. It is almost like the body is also happy to be getting healthier. I don’t know if that can happen but that’s what it feels like.
Anyway one pound at a time we will reach our goal.

I have been starting my search for gyms. We like working out but it is too easy to take a break while watching the videos. One day I just watched a series of them and did nothing but sit on the couch to watch.

We (maybe I) need the support of some one like Jullian or Bob yelling at me to keep me going or saying get up and move it.

Anyway I will let you know.

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