Thursday, January 28, 2010

Jan 21st

Today I went to weights class at the gym. I will not lie it was real tough, but I made it through.

And for that I am very proud.

Today we did lower body: lunges on a half balance ball, then plie squats (wide squats) w/ 26 pound weight, then jump rope, than balance on a bench and pull knees to chest, then my favorite, I don't even know what to call it, we kneeled on the ground then lifted 8 pound ball to one side twisting back and lifting at the same time, then the other side.

I did three sets of 15 each, except the last was three sets of 30 each. that was not the end of the workdout.....

we did core workout also... we then did 2 sets of 20, weighted sit ups all the way up with a 8 pound ball. very difficult.

Even though the workout is hard, I made it through it.

Then my daughter is sticking to her commitment, and for the 4th day this week I took her to the gym after school. She is a trooper.

Yesterday, remember I said I wonder if she will remember to go around again, well she did. We did the circuit twice yesterday. Lets just say that we both slept well yesterday.

Also the weirdest thing happened yesterday, about 7:30 pm when I am usually ready to hit the sack and go to sleep for the evening, I had a strange feeling to clean the ENTIRE house.

I know weird. But it also felt good.

My bathroom has not been cleaned in I don't know how long, because I never felt like it, or was too tired. This new energy is very cool.

Anyway back to today, My daughter did great around the circuit, then she wanted to do some cardio. So we both got on the ellipicals. she was getting very tired, I did only 10 minutes, she struggled to finish out 5 minutes. She is awesome. what a trooper.

anyway I have continued to log my information into, my calories intake today was about 1208, and I am within all my ranges. That is improvement. The first day I was over on my fat, but under my protein. not so good.

but the last 3 days I have been doing very well.

hang in there,


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